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    Problems Multibooting Fedora 13

    Hi bcarr1122, I read your Probelm, but can't help you... On my Computer, I would rebuild the MBR, deinstall EBCD and then, after a reboot, new install EBCD and set new all OS-Entrys. (Remember to make TOTAL-HDD-Image Backup) I self have a Problem with my DreamLinux. Booting with Win7 (x64), or...
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    Couple of questions...

    Hi Terry thank you for this (my) misunderstanding correction. Activated is SR-setting for Update- and new Program-Installation. Without SR-setting in this condition, much Programs have problem, there own created a SR-Point-Routine is blocked and the installation break down. Well, i understand...
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    Couple of questions...

    Terry60, sorry, I think I understand that not correct (well i am a pore Germany). Now: I have WinXP (I was one of all Chicago-Creator and Tester, long TIme ago). Neverone of my much Computers have WinXP created or installed a hidden Partition, like Vista/Win7 Standard. So I think, I uinderstand...
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    Win 7 resets modem/router

    Hi Tricky Dicky, if you set total manual the IP, Gateway, Net-Mask, DNS (and DHCP?) in your PC and after a reboot (or only after a real new cool start) are all datas mismatch or losing, then you have a App working, that reset the NetCard-Datas "Uppss :-((", or a "Bug" have distroyed a part of...
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    Couple of questions...

    Hi finfan365, not on my system. One HD-Partition for Win7 x64 One HD-Partition for WinXP x86 If Win7 my working OS, the is WinXP on HD "F" If WinXP my working OS, the Win7 is on HD "F" It is separated with all here Files and Folders. I do not know your Win management, 2 OSs on one Partition...
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    Vista Boot Mgr/Partition Table

    Hi virgil carter, what is the Version of your EasyBCD? My BCD-Setting is (much) different as your BCD. I have no "Windows Directory: \Windows" In View Settings "Overview" Entry #1 Name: Windows 7 German ORIGINAL BCD ID: {current} Drive: C:\ Bootloader Path: \Windows\system32\winload.exe In...
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    Dual Boot XP and Win 7 editing BCD string.

    Well HaxGurl, what you wrote is not true, not EBCD have damage your Win7 boot menu. You have installed WinXP and WinXP has changed your MBR and boot Menu. In WinXP you have the pleasure to boot WinXP or Win7. Just jump to Win7, restore the Win7 MBR, add the WinXP OS to the boot menu and test...
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    In need of some desperate help triple-booting XP, 7, and Ubuntu.

    Hi Arnzillazor, I have nearly the same OSs on my PC. (I have much tested and so it is possible, the written way is not exactly right, I remember only this way) First installed Win7 (is my MASTER-OS), then EBCD 2.0 (build xxx) and controled the function of EBCD Boot Menu. Then installed WinXP...
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    bug in Edit Boot Menu

    Hi dlsmd, I do not understand, why you have set the "displaybootmenu" to "No"? What can you see in Win7 (Systemmanagement?-> Start and "Recovery?")? I am a German with a German-Win7-OS and this is much different to US-OS in terminus for Shell and Folder and so on. I mean the normal "Win7"...
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    Win 7 Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Dual Boot Fails

    Well, I am like a bloody Newbie and without to much attention (only why I work with HDD-Image-Backups). I have installed Win7, then the EBCD and controled the function of the EBCD-Menu. For this, I have written in the Name-Field (EBCD - Edit Boot Menu) Test on the End. If I can see this "Test"...
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    transferring outlook to Win7

    Hi jockus, what is your Email-Program under Win7-OS? Win7 normaly come without a Email-Program. Greetings from Germany, STRUPPI
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    I Need Help!

    Hi Coolname007, in the NET (serious Forum) it is not good, to write "How I become Entry to a OS or BIOS, if I loost my Password". Information about these things are much in the Net (like Google). Greetings from Germany, STRUPPI
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    how to add XP to existing Win7 and dualboot?

    Hi alikim, if you understand a little bit the Win-Registry, you can edit (rename) the HDDs and here entrys manualy. But with a Tool (Registry-Search & Rename), there are very much entrys to change. I have this done with my XP and now are my OS all on HDD-C, my Datas on HDD-D and my Backups on...
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    Windows XP Install trouble!!

    Hi 2alive, if you have continuous XP HDD detection Problem wiht you nVidia Board, please search in the Net. I have instruction found for your Problem, but in German language. There is written why this Problem is present and what is to do. Short: you must push the F6 key for Factory Driver...
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    Dual booting Windows seeing new HDD - and not seeing it

    Hi Guys, on my nVidia-MB is AHCI not present, so my Win7 boot with SATA-nVidia-Chip-Driver. If I change the BIOS setting to SATA-Raid, Win7 boot with the nVidia IDE/Raid-Driver in section SCSI. Ubuntu and Kubuntu (KDE) work with AHCI on my System, bud I do not know why. XP is like Win7 My...
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    Dual booting Windows seeing new HDD - and not seeing it

    Hi Reimar, YEP (Yes), it is right what you wrote. I will test on my x64 nVidia-Chipset again the AHCI settings. Thanks and Greetings from Germany, STRUPPI
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    Dual booting Windows seeing new HDD - and not seeing it

    Hi iockus, if the OS (XP) installed without AHCI and the BIOS was without AHCI, the OS running still. If you change later the Bios to ACHI without changing the OS to AHCI, the OS (XP) will not boot up to finish. If you change the BIOS later to "no AHCI" and your OS (XP) is installed with AHCI...
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    I Need Help!

    Hi msval254, see on the HP-Support, it is possible to reset your Bios total, including your password. The best way: Write HP-Support a mail for your problem. More to write here is forbidden. Greetings from Germany, STRUPPI
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    Removal of XP; how to recover?

    Hi eltiro, where is your BCD store? HDD "C"? Where are the Boot information? HDD "C"? Then you can with EBCD 2.0 delete the XP entry in the BCD and delete the XP partition. If one Boot-Part for Win7 on the XP partition, you have more to do. Greetings from Germany, STRUPPI
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    Windows XP Install trouble!!

    Hi 2alive, notebook are special Computers an normaly with special Drivers. I think, you need a HP Pavilion dv2550se -XP-CD. It is possible, your HDD-Cips set is a special Chip set, created only for the HP Pavilion series. You are shure, that the BIOS is correct set? With Win7 shell you can see...