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    how to install W7 on a gpt disk?

    Hello: I bought a new hp laptop with W10 pre-installed, I like to install W7 also, so I create a new partition D:, and when trying to install W7, I got error message that disk isn't mbr type, it's gpt. is there ant trick to install W7 on a gpt disk?
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    how to boot using ghost2003 partition?

    Hello: I use frequently ghost2003 (launched from a CD) to make/restore images for/to my hard disk partitions. I was wondering if it's possible to boot ghost from the hard disk directly, without loading/unloading the CD each time. So I divide the fourth primary partition into 2 logical ones, and...
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    dual boot w7/xp: hibernate not working for xp

    hello: I have w7 installed on C: and xp installed on D: I installed easyBCD and configure it to have dual boot, everything is fine, except if i start in XP and hibernate, at boot I have the original menu to choose between OS, and even I choose XP, XP will start normally (not resuming hibernate)...