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    Triple-boot 1- XP, 2 MacOSX - 3 Vista - Can I clean up the labourious bootup?

    Hi, I'm having problems only with cleaning up a very long and complicate boot process. Here's what I have Partition 1: XP Pro Partition 2: Mac OSX 10.5.5 via iDeneb v1.3 Partition 3: Mac Data HSF+ partition (empty, no system or OS) Partition 4: Vista History: 1. Installed XP, 2. Installed...
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    Help please, can independently installed Vista & XP be reconciled for dual-booting?

    Hi there, I'm new to this forum and dearly hope someone can help me. I have an HP DV7 1003TX. I've been trying to dual boot it with XP for 2 months since purchase. I have no Vista install disks otherwise I would do it XP first then Vista. I also have no success installing XP after Vista. I've...