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    Windows 10 won't boot properly

    Need to confirm thru bios that you are able to boot from the usb
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    Trying to upgrade from Win 7 to 10; can't figure out SRP issue (w/SSD & Hard Drive)

    First thing to do is uninstall easybcd and undo what youve done. Then identify which drive your booting to. I suggest you power down and disconnect one. Then see if you boot. With only the one drive installed create a new unformatted partition. Boot to the installation media and install win10...
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    Installation help please

    I have a win 7 machine at work that I need to keep as is. But i want win 10 for everyday use. So dual boot seems the way to go. In preperation for win 10 I created a new partition on the w7 unit and then installed easybcd. Then under the edit boot menu tab I checked use metro boot loader and...
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    Noob messed up - Pls help

    I installed easy bcd 2.4 on my pc. I have four bootable windows 10 drives. I installed easy bcd to the first drive. If I set my bios to boot to that drive I can see and choose any os to boot from. But if I choose an os from the boot menu other than drive one I can not boot to any drive. Pls help.
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    Installation issue with two drives

    I am not switching drives. The system has two drives, one OS on each. And it is not that I do not appreciate having someone offer help, it is just that his response is NOT helpful. And it is very tiring to ask for help and get replies that are of topic, useless or just not on topic.....He has no...
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    Installation issue with two drives

    My motives are irrelevant, and your insistence on this matter makes me wonder if your help would even be worth it.
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    Installation issue with two drives

    Terry60, not only is your reply terribly useless it is also inaccurate. There are other reasons to utilize dual boot, Sorry you can't think of even one,
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    Installation issue with two drives

    It seems that if i reboot or power down from Disc 1 it will reboot to the dual boot screen [metro loader or windows loader] OK. But I I go to disk two --- This is where the issues are. If I reboot i get to the dual boot but If I power down, on reboot it will go to the OS on disc two without...
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    Installation issue with two drives

    I have a pc with two drives on it. I installed windows 10 to one drive, unplugged it, installed windows 10 to the second drive. Re-attached the first drive. Booted the pc and installed easybcd, the newest version. Created two entries one for each drive. If i am in drive 1 and reboot I get the...
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    Thank you so much. That works fine.
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    I have a win 7 system with three win 7 OS's on it. For no reason I can find, one of them is no longer available to easybcd. But it is still on the drive. How can i rescan or add it?
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    Noob needs direction

    I would like to do the following but I do not know how and if it will work. I would like to install two copies of windows 7, one each on separate drives. I would like install wall to see and access system 2, but i would want system 2 to never see system 1. Also I would like to default to load...