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    Installation help please

    I have a win 7 machine at work that I need to keep as is. But i want win 10 for everyday use. So dual boot seems the way to go. In preperation for win 10 I created a new partition on the w7 unit and then installed easybcd. Then under the edit boot menu tab I checked use metro boot loader and...
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    Noob messed up - Pls help

    I installed easy bcd 2.4 on my pc. I have four bootable windows 10 drives. I installed easy bcd to the first drive. If I set my bios to boot to that drive I can see and choose any os to boot from. But if I choose an os from the boot menu other than drive one I can not boot to any drive. Pls help.
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    Installation issue with two drives

    I have a pc with two drives on it. I installed windows 10 to one drive, unplugged it, installed windows 10 to the second drive. Re-attached the first drive. Booted the pc and installed easybcd, the newest version. Created two entries one for each drive. If i am in drive 1 and reboot I get the...
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    I have a win 7 system with three win 7 OS's on it. For no reason I can find, one of them is no longer available to easybcd. But it is still on the drive. How can i rescan or add it?
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    Noob needs direction

    I would like to do the following but I do not know how and if it will work. I would like to install two copies of windows 7, one each on separate drives. I would like install wall to see and access system 2, but i would want system 2 to never see system 1. Also I would like to default to load...