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    System in on hdd, but I want the system boot from my ssd. what to do?

    Title should be: The system partition is on one hdd, but I want to boot the OS in the SSD. What to do? Hi, I'm writing after about 2 hours reading FAQ. In this moment I have 1 xp(with missing sata driver) and 1 win 7 on a ssd. And 1 xp and 1 win7 on a hdd. The final goal will be having xp and...
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    Multiple desktops - beeing in the cube

    Hi I would like a multiple desktop that works in the following way:By moving the mouse twice to one side the view should retreat a little bit and show the other desktop around, then the visual should shift to the side where the mouse arrow goes.Like beeing in the center of a cube, instead of...