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    Reinstallation of XP

    So I forgot my XP password, and I figured wouldn't be a bad idea just to reformat after all. Everything with EASYBCD is on Vista, so I assume when I reformat the second hard drive and reinstall XP that when it is done installing, I should still be presented with the same boot menu I have now...
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    the master I need help!

    So I have 32bit Home Premium on my SATA HDD, and I reinstalled XP on my 60GB IDE HDD. Well I forgot to delete the boot entry on the vista home premium, and now it says error loading operating system, and I tried start up repair but that did nothing. I am trying to just boot into XP were...
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    Same problem :(

    Fresh isntal of Vista 32 bit again (>.<) Anyway my 64bit is still fine, but when i try to add the entry it changes boot drive to D:\ for both drives. C:\Vista home premium Primary SATA D:\Vista x64 Secondary IDE :( Ive tried some other stuff but Ive come to the master. There are a total of 2...
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    Vista 32bit and Vista 64bit dual boot

    Ok well now I am serious about doing this because Vista has no more problems and I wish to compare. Vista 32bit Primary HDD SATA 160GB Vista 64bit Second HDD IDE 60GB What do I need to do? Install Vista on HDD D, but then how do I choose which one to boot into? <3 guru you know everything :D
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    Vista 32bit and Vista 64bit

    Ok so I know I have not been in computer guru but I guess i never figured this whole thing out :P. So basically I have run XP for 7 months ever since I got Vista and Vista is fine now. What I want to do is run my regular Vista (32bit) and then boot with 64bit Vista. Now Harddirve C:\ which is...
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    Dual boot Question with Vista and XP (help appreciated)

    So I Have a 160GB HDD, with Vista installed, and decided to dual boot. I found an old hard drive, reformatted it, and installed XP on it. XP did not overwrite the MBR, and I never had to fix Vista's Boot loader. I then go to EasyBCD, and click add entry, and choose XP, drive D:\ (this is where...