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  1. scott

    Small boot issue in tri-boot setup

    Greetings, I installed Windows 7RC1 in the partition formerly occupied by 7 Beta. When I went to remove the 'Older version of Windows' entry, somehow I deleted the 7 entry as well. I tried to repair but 7 now boots with the Vista GUI. All three partitions (XP, Vista, 7) work fine but it's...
  2. scott

    Successful tri-boot with one small issue

    Greetings, I have successfully added a Windows 7 partition to my existing XP/Vista drive. My boot menu shows 4 entries however. 1. Vista (my default) 2. XP 3. Windows 7 4. Earlier Version of Windows Number 4 happens to boot into XP, the original OS on this single drive laptop. What I'd like...
  3. scott

    RSS feeds

    Guru, Have you just added RSS capabilities, or did I just not notice them? If the former, congratulations, this will certainly make it easier to track replies and new threads.
  4. scott

    Another XP/Vista dual boot issue

    Hello and thank you in advance for your help. I installed Vista after XP on a new partition on the same hard drive. I found Easy BCD by accident after looking for a way around the deletion of Vista restore points (more on that later). All was smooth for 2 months when I realized I had...