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    blue screen, but not of death...

    blue screen... i had to use the disc to get to the restore points but it worked. thank you,
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    blue screen, but not of death...

    blue screen of ... thanks, i cannot try the first suggestion because there is nothing on the desktop. right clicking gets me nothing, no menu, nada. i'm not sure how the file would help since i would not be able to access it anywhere... i'll try the second option tommorrow tomorrow, and...
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    blue screen, but not of death...

    i am running vista with xp and have not made any changes to the system. have not had any problems either. primarily use vista, with xp here and there this past weekend, went into vista, received the login screen, entered the password, and received "Preparing desktop" message. after about...
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    Dualbooting working, but system feels unstable

    hide partitions listen to Guru, install the first o/s first on a partition. install the second o/s on the second partition run HnS then install your programs (installing some programs on D will still result in some data being dumped on C) this is where you prevent cross contamination of programs
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    With EasyBCD only Vista will boot - Help

    there is no need to load bcd on xp except in rare cases. do you get an error message when you try to load xp, or it just goes into vista? if it's on a tower, set both drives to master, and let the cable select the drive. if you want the second drive to load, press [F8?] on start up and...
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    Dual boot XP Pro & Vista

    xp bootcfg/rebuild Rebuild Windows XP bootcfg as follows: Insert the Microsoft Windows XP CD (real XP Disk) into the computer. Note: If you have a system recovery CD or restore CD these steps will likely not work for your computer. Reboot the computer with the CD and press any key when...
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    Dual boot XP Pro & Vista

    i had the same issue with my dual boot. Get one going, it does not matter which one, either XP or Vista. Assuming you get XP going by rebuilding XP's bootcfg files, and get in there, you have to do two things if i remember correctly. first load easy bcd onto XP and use it to reload Vista's...
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    I know I know another Vista XP Dual Boot Please Help!

    xp vista on your dual boot, how did you install the dual boot? which was the first o/s installed, when you installed the second, did you hide the first partition where the o/s was installed?
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    Recovery Console Dual-Boot Issue

    Vista loads, but no XP. what error do you get when loading, or trying to load XP? Also, have you tried to rebuild the XP bootloader using the recovery option of the CD (not loaded onto the drive?)
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    Need help with vista recovery disc please

    vista recovery disc what do you need the disc for, or what are you attempting to do? what recovery discs are you using (sony recovery disc or the repair disc) they have different objectives. need a bit more information than what has been given. kala sha
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    I think I screwed up big time.

    Acer how big is your hard drive? when you are in the recovery console, how big drive does that show? did you try to do something like hide any of the drives, dual boot, or something? as long as you have not loaded anything else onto the drive, all of your data is ok, you can try all of the...
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    Dual Booting - HP G6060EA (Drivers for XP)

    hp recovery HP - you can recover by pressing the F11 key on start up (only shows if you reflashed the bios to the newest bios.) if not F11, try F12. Next, before you add another opertaing system, burn your restore disks. If you have the anytime upgrade disc, use that for a clean Vista...
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    Triple boot woes (with XP screwed up)

    ubuntu, xp, vista if you do not have a Arconics or G-Part, find Hiren's Boot CD v9.3 - has an extensive list of tools and utilities that can be used to quickly and easily change partitions. one of the utilities also will properly identify the hard drive number and partition numbers. when...
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    I think I screwed up big time.

    ??? chkdsk on your diagnostic printout that you posted, on the bottom it shows that it tried to run dskchk, but failed. if you can get into dos from the boot cd, try to just run dskchk. if that does help, get your data off that drive. restore the image to Acer's factory image and put it through...
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    [Download] Vista Hide 'n Seek BETA

    Guru i attached a couple of snap shots - this time it did run, but XP does not load. after that nothing loads, so i used paragon to unhide my partitions and set Vista to active to boot back up into Vista. since i saved my original NeoGrub settings, i just ran EasyBCD again, and <Ctrl> C, <Ctrl...
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    [Download] Vista Hide 'n Seek BETA

    downloaded - and ran in Vista (nothing happened!) Uninstalling - Stage 4/4 hangs there. Message Current Action: Fatal Error - no changes have been made to your PC. Pressed Go Back Button Get message - We've detected that you've already used Vista HnS to hide your drives before - which action...
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    EasyBCD - Wish List

    on the next BCD, how about in another tab (similar to Advanced Options) that works the same way: Select the OS - Vista/XP/Linux/Mac/etc - selected from drop down list Advanced Options: - Hide Partitions: (provide a simple list) [ ] hd0,0; [ ] hd0,1; [ ] hd0,2; [ ] hd0,3; [] hd1,0; etc all the...
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    ?How to create one menu for Dual Boot

    i have a dual boot (Vista & XP Pro.) The hd settings are as follows: hd0,0 - Vista hd0,1 - XP Pro hd0,2 - Data (shared between the two for storing data.) none of the partitions are extended. partitions 0 & 1 are hidden with the opposing is in use. i would like one boot menu instead going...