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    create bootable external media problem

    Using the 'create bootable external media' function I would like to create a usb flash boot disk. However the flash drive does not show up in the list of partitions in the partition combo box.
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    Lost Win7 MBR

    I have 2 drives. I appear to have lost the Win7 MBR on drive zero as when I boot into drive zero I boot into an existing WinXP system but not the Win 7 one which I want. (This may have been caused by my having previously installed Winxp on drive 1. The installer seeing an existing XP...
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    Adding new Entry to a Menu (boot.ini)

    I want to add a new entry pointing to a specific Drive and Partition containing a Menu which lists the various instances of Windows XP and other legacy systems listed in that Partitions boot.ini. NOT to a specific instance of Windows XP. How do I do it?