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    powersaving in XP

    Hi, I have a samsung laptop. When I go on battery my screen gets darker. I know it's powersaving but I've looked all over the place to change the setting without succes. My battery is relatively new so I don't think this is the problem. Anyone knows software for samsung to fix this?
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    reinstal windows 7

    Okey, Il will first try what Mark 2.0 adviced me to do and if that won't fix my problem I'll borow a cd from a friend assuming my productkey will also work on that cd
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    reinstal windows 7

    Hello, I have one or two questions i'm sure you guys now the answer for. I have a virus or malware on my computer. Start windows takes like 10minutes. When I scan with antivirus it takes hours but cannot find anything. Especially the maps sys32 is very long to scan. It gets stuck on dll and...
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    Windows 7 System Recovery Problem

    Hi, maybe you can try the "start up repair" option from your disc to fix your boot. If that works you can probably restore in win 7 itself. You need to do the start up repair action at least 3 or 4 times because it fixes only one problem at the time (MBR, bootmgr, boot folder). It can also be...
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    Thank you a lot Ex_Brit, I already installed ccleaner and my firefox is going much faster. I will read & handle the other options another time. As antivirus I use microsoft essentials and I am very content with it and it's also free. See you around
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    Hi, everytime I want to go on the internet with win7 i got bluescreen and laptop restarts. I got this message: C:\windows\minidump\05011-30997-01.dmp C:\users\sungsam\appdata\local\temp\wer-577437-0.sysdata.xml Yesterday I had also problems with live...
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    Boot problem

    Thank you very much for the info. Now my computer is working just fine. I've made a bootable usb with the recovering files, fixed my bootpartition and now I've made a dualboot with easyBCD which is really EASY to use! Thanks a lot
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    The Introduction Thread

    newbie Hi all, I am new here and yess I have a cry for help right now. I hope people can help me now and hopefully I will be able to help other people in the future. See you around
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    Boot problem

    Hi everyone, I was looking on the web for a EasyBCD version compatible with linux and I came by accident on the forum (message of 2007) of neosmart technologies. The reason I am looking for this version is because I need a bootpartition for win7 and linux. I installed ubuntu next to my win7...