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    Generic application preloader

    That's fine, you're a busy guy. I know what you both mean... of course any additional startup time is bad. I also cannot stand the extra bloat of those helpers and background services and applications. I usually use CCleaner to remove unwanted startup applications and have also disabled...
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    Happy Bday Mak!

    Happy birthday, Mak. Best wishes.
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    Congrats, Everyone!

    That's probably a vBulletin setting that he modified when the forum was first set up (e.g. even though he has not posted, his post count is 5000). This could be for any number of reasons...
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    Generic application preloader

    Hey I recently started using the Firefox Preloader application to reduce the startup time of Firefox 3 from around 1 second to around 0.2 seconds. It loads parts of the application on system startup to reduce loading time later on if you tend to use it alot. Because I use it so often, I don't...
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    vista is deleted, drivers missing

    I found you some drivers. Tada! 1) Go here. 2) Click on the "Install Another Operating System" tab 3) Select "Microsoft(R) Windows(R) XP" from the drop-down box. Or, if you want to re-install Vista, select the appropriate version of Vista from the list. 4) You will be given a list of all...
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    Vista Media Center

    Gosh, I haven't used MC for ages. If you go here, which is probably where you were going before, there are alot of command switches you can use. You should look at the different swtiches - though I can't see a live TV one (there is a TV playback one), you could try something like "ehshell.exe...
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    Developer question

    Thanks alot Guru. I think before I start learning assembly I'm going to have a go with C#.NET.
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    Developer question

    Hmm, I didn't do much game writing, I was much more interested in the hacking. Yep, hacked the day away. I was constantly looking for more things that I could mess with in the firmware, and worked quite a bit behind the curtains of the 'scene'. The little works that I did release were mostly...
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    Developer question

    As I'm relatively new to coding for the Windows platform (I write for *Nix and used to code for the Playstation Portable), I have a few questions for developers. I don't mind if I'm referred elsewhere ;) - I can use C/C++ competently. What's the buzz with C# and the like? Is there a best...
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    Mosquitos/people under 25

    Yup, there's one by my local supermarket. It's been smashed to pieces once by a kid in frustration, so they put a huge electric metal cage over it :lol: Unfortunately I can still hear it quite well, and it's horrendous to actually watch babies and toddlers cry because of it. Unfortunately...
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    System Tray Organizer

    I use Taskbar Shuffle. It allows you to move not only system tray icons, but also the taskbar window tabs. It's lightweight, but isn't feature-ridden. I would love to see a Neosmart approach ^^ I know C/C++, but I've never written for the Windows platform. I suppose my priority is/should be to...
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    NeoGRUB question

    Thanks alot. Will try it!
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    NeoGRUB question

    Does anyone know of a way to boot from a CD using NeoGrub? I have a PE live CD which I really can't afford to let have access to Vista.
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    Computer Gaming

    Hmm, well that dual-cards were recommended by a friend, and you're probably right about the Blu-Ray.. I have a PS3 for playing movies anyways. BTW, what is SLI? I see it plastered everywhere. I don't think I'd ever need more than 2 monitors -- what would I use them for? @Terry Thanks for the...
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    Computer Gaming

    ATM I have 2 PCs, one is a business tower, which my boss was given and gave to me because of some advertising we did for a retailer. I also have a general PC, which I use for gaming, but it's pretty rickety. Business tower: Intel Core 2 Duo E6420 @ 2.13 GHz HP 0A60h Motherboard 4GB DDR2 (32-bit...
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    Microsoft Can Be Impressive - Occasionally

    I also the Entertainment 8000 set, and really like it. It hacks me off when my flatmates use my PC and forget to dock the mouse again - grr :D. A couple of things get to me about the keyboard: To start with, the Microsoft logo on the back of the mouse fell apart pretty quickly - it was just...
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    Resize XP partition

    And it was my best friend. Thanks for the help. I'll be donating soon, hopefully!
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    Resize XP partition

    I needed more space for one of my partitions (has XP already installed), so I shrunk the previous Vista partition by 8GB (using Disk Management) and was left with unpartitioned space. I was self-critical from the start, as I'd never done a Right-to-left partition resize/expansion before, and...
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    [Download] Vista Hide 'n Seek BETA

    Just FYI, Guru, build 41 sorted out all my problems! Nice work. All I'm waiting for now is iReboot support, and according to the issue tracker, a prettier interface :D One question -- when hide is called, does it remain hidden right up until unhide is called? (i.e. If I was to reboot, the...
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    Vista HnS troubles

    Glad to hear I could help, and good luck. I'd be more than happy to test the new build for you ASAP. Many thanks.