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    Allow use of unsigned drivers on 64 bit Windows

    This option under Advanced Settings does not appear to be working on 64 bit Windows 8 Pro. I have modified some Intel Q45/Q43 Graphics Win 7 Drivers for installation on Windows 8 but they are unsigned. No problem I thought as I'd use the EasyBCD facility to force installation but even after...
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    [FIXED] Problem with adding winpe entry -EasyBCD

    I can't seem to add a winpe entry using Build 167, have attached error report to my previous thread re iso problem.
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    [FIXED] Unable to add Winpe entry - EasyBCD 2.2 Build 166

    Im trying to add an entry for Windows 7 setup boot.wim but after filling in details and hitting add entry I get a "Easy BCD has encountered a problem" message and option to save the report. Hopefully I have attached the report here.
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    [FIXED] Unable to add ISO entry - Easy BCD 2.2 Build 160

    I've just downloaded build 162 and am trying to add an iso entry for Mini Tool Partition Wizard iso but when selecting path all I get is an about ISO options dialogue box. When I click OK on this and try to select a path this about options just reappears so there is no way to actually choose the...
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    [FIXED] Manual Bootloader Selection option not working (Build 145)

    I have a second BCD store located on my "R" Drive which I use for recovery options, not wishing to have a default here I tick the "Wait for User Selection" option at the Edit Boot Menu screen. This does not appear to have any effect as whenever I test the countdown always starts at boot. When I...
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    Booting ERD Commander ISO

    Using EasyBCD 2.0.2 Im trying to add an ISO entry for ERD Commander, the entry is created ok with the bootloder path \NSTAutoNeoGrub0.mbr and that file created in the NST folder. When I then reboot and select this entry I get a screen which says Grub4Dos 0.4.5b with text saying Minimal BASH...
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    XP Recovery Console

    My Vista Boot loader consists of two entries, being Vista Ultimate 64 bit and Windows XP 64 bit, I also have installed the XP recovery console which is an option on the Vista boot screen. Is it possible for the recovery console to be displayed in EasyBCD as it never shows in any of the displays?