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    Frugalware 1.9 wont boot with Easybcd

    Hello, I installed Frugalware 1.9 on a spare disk with as bootloader Grub2. So I made a new entry with as name Frugalware and as bootloader grub2. But when I boot I see the Easybcd menu. Then I choose Frugalware. I see a lot of text scroliing and then I see a grub prompt instead of the...
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    easybcd and extlinux

    Hello, Do anyone know if Easybcd can boot ext4linux bootloader. I want to try out Foresight Linux and they use this bootloader. Roelof
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    ext4linux and easybcd

    Hello, I want to dualboot Foresight Linux and Windows 7 on my machine. But Foresight Linux uses the extlinux bootloader. Can this be done and how can i achieve this ? Roelof edit 1 : When I try Lilo or Syslinux I see a boot error. Addendum I also tryed this : # NeoSmart NeoGrub Bootloader...
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    netbsd Support?

    Hello, Can Easybcd make me a dualboot Windows 7 and NetBSD ? Roelof
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    dualboot Win7 and freebsd on 2 disks

    Hello, I had a dualboot running where Win7 is on the first disk and freebsd on the second.But today it's running around in circles.I choose FreeBSD on the EASYBCD menu.I see then this appear : Initialize variable space.Starting copie (hd1,1) F5 Drive 1 F6 PXE.Boot : F1 And no mather what I...
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    easybcd and freebsd

    hello, I try to install Freebsd 7.0 with EasyBcd version But now I see a boot error and nothng else. How can I make this work ? Roelof
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    chakra linux and easybcd

    Hello, Can easybcd multiboot Chakra linux and Windows. The people say they use BURG a fork of Grub. Roelof
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    can the bootmenu be deleted

    Hello, I had a dualboot with Win7 and linux. Because I won't use linux anymore I would see that i can deleted the bootmenu so my computer boots directly into windows without menu. Is that possible? Roelof
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    error message when trying to boot PC-BSD

    hello, I use Easybcd 2.0 to multiboot Win7 and PC-BSD. When I try to boot PC-BSD I only see a message Boot error and nothing happens. Anyone a idea how to solve this ? Roelof
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    boot problem

    Hello, I have 2 disk. Disk 1 Windows., Disk 2 Linux first partition / xfs second partition swap If I out lilo on the first partition EASYBCD can't find lilo. I know Lilo is also installed on the MBR of the second disk. How can I tell EasyBSD to look at the MBR of the second disk. I use...
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    dual boot Win7 and Linux

    Hello, What i want to achieve is this dual boot But can Easybcd work with Win7 Home Premium ? Roelof