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    Tri-boot was fine until I upgraded Leo. XP is dead.

    Hi, the error is usually a sign of your XP drive letter changing, can you confirm your XP drive letter is/was the same before and after the Leopard install.
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    Vista XP Dual Boot - Understand the basics

    Hey Please do, I was in a bit of a pickle recently and had to mess around a bit. Hope this info can be useful to others. Cheers
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    Vista XP Dual Boot - Understand the basics

    Hi All, Now EasyBCD is a fantastic program. I have raved about it before and I will do it again. Vista has a powerful bootloader but trust MS to ruin its usability. EasyBCD actually unlocks the full power of the Vista bootloader. It also makes grub on the MBR redundant - a god send for newbies...
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    EasyBCD 1.7 Released

    Hey great work here, I want to congratulate the team on a fantastic release. I had run into an issue with my system and EasyBCD made it so much easier to get back to normal and I want to record that so other users are not similarly stuck. I have a triple boot system with XP, Vista and Ubuntu...
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    Triple booting is only a dream at this point...

    Berserker, Can you confirm the folder NST with the files Menu.lst and NeoGrub.mbr is present in your C or root folder and a file called NeoGrub (172.9kb) is also present in the root folder or C drive. With previous versions of EasyBCD the NeoGrub file in the root folder presumably this is the...
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    Triple booting is only a dream at this point...

    Hey, the same thing happened to me, are you sure you are using EasyBCD 1.61 and above, previous versions don't let you boot 'grubless'. Installing 1.61 and now 1.7 resolved being dropped to the grub command line for me.