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    EasyBCD 2.0 Beta Not Responding under Windows 7 RC, 64-bit

    Installed EasyBCD 2.0 Beta, release 61 under Windows 7 RC, 7100. When starting the software it reacts normally. When accessing the "Add/remove Entries Tab" and clicking on "Linux", Windows 7 pops up a software failure window regarding BootGrabber, requesting to report the error. BootGrabber...
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    Triple boot Windows 7/Ubuntu/Mac OS X

    Hi everyone, I used to have the following setup: C: Windows Vista 64. External USB drive: 1st partition: Linux swap 2nd partition: Ubuntu 9.04 (upgraded from 8.04 - not sure if Grub was also upgraded). Grub sits on the same partition, therefore not installed on windows MBR. 3rd partition...
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    Triple Boot: XP, Vista Ubuntu

    Dear support, This is my setup: 1 IDE internal drive. 80GB. Contains two 40GB NTFS partitions. The first one is XP, the second is Vista. Vista bootloader sees both of them. 1 SATA internal NTFS drive 500GB. No OS's installed - used for storage. 1 USB external NTFS drive 500GB. No OS's...