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    TrueCrypt and XP + 7 dual boot

    Thank you for your answers! I actually tried a few days ago as you suggested and in fact it works without any problem: just installing XP first, then 7, so I get a nice choice screen at boot (7 or Previous Windows version), and finally encrypting the whole disk, so at switch on I'm prompted...
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    TrueCrypt and XP + 7 dual boot

    Hi all, I honestly don't know where to start from. I have a netbook with XP installed. I've already managed to shrink it's partition from 150 GB to 75 GB via diskpart, so there's room for 7. I'd like to set up a dual boot in which, at startup, I choose what os I want to run, and then...
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    The Introduction Thread

    Hi everybody! I'm Marcus from Europe, graduating in Engineering, quite a geek... :) I'm 100% new to EasyBCD, but I hope to learn quickly!