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    Unhandled exception error

    Hello I am running Vista Ultimate with .net installed 2.0 and with the latest BCD 1.72 and I keep getting this error See the end of this message for details on invoking just-in-time (JIT) debugging instead of this dialog box. ************** Exception Text **************...
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    Vista Windows Features empty!!

    Hi I am trying to install .net framework 3 on my Vista the .net install says to enable an option in windows features but this box is blank.I have tried many solutions like re-registering files and those give me not found errors. Anyone have any ideas? If not is there another way to install .net...
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    Vista, OSX, XP? - not working

    Hi I have the vista and Mac part working ,the third part xp is not working .I have it on a L (letter) partition which is a external hard disk.When I reboot and go to xp it just goes to a dark screen and nothing happens, how can I fix this pls.
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    Volume Manager driver

    Hi I have a second hard drive 3 partitions the 1st is the mac osx,the second and third are both logical and have the letters I and J. Everytime I reboot computer vista tries to find drivers for these 2 partitions and if I click do not ask this again, I lose those 2 partitions and if I click...
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    osx and partiton help

    Hi I got osx to work but now I don't see the 2 other partitions that follow the mac partition they are gone Is there a way to get them back. I tried paragon but it does not help. Anyone Thks
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    AppleOS10 help

    Hi I finally got os 10.4.3 to work I was in and things were running not too bad. I then did a upgrade to 10.4.10 and now it is just rebooting by itself when i hit mac option. Oh the problem that it did not work before was the serial keyboard, I took it out completely and put in a usb keyboard...
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    OSX id in PC??

    What should the partition id be for osx install on a Pc? For example I have a list and I chose 0xA8. thks Addendum: Anyone pls .
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    OSX boot-up Error

    Hi I finally got this far with my OSX, I now see an osx at boot up ,a dual boot with Vista . Now when I click on OSX I get a set of code rolling fast on the screen ,and it takes me to an end part which says "errors encountered while starting computer" then it says restart in 5 secs. It then...
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    vista/xp dual boot help

    Hi I have vista installed first on c and I installed xp pro on another hard drive, but can't reach it because of 2 things it gives me a hal.dll error and also boot problem. How can i fix this simply please
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    Boot Chain error

    Hi I have installed Vista first for a few months now and decided to try os10,I am using bcd 1.7 and it shows in the menu at bootup but when I select osx I get a boot chain error , the chain0 is on the C:/ drive the osx is on a drive 2 partition 3 which are active and primary. Any help pls. TRhks