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    Generic application preloader

    Hey I recently started using the Firefox Preloader application to reduce the startup time of Firefox 3 from around 1 second to around 0.2 seconds. It loads parts of the application on system startup to reduce loading time later on if you tend to use it alot. Because I use it so often, I don't...
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    Developer question

    As I'm relatively new to coding for the Windows platform (I write for *Nix and used to code for the Playstation Portable), I have a few questions for developers. I don't mind if I'm referred elsewhere ;) - I can use C/C++ competently. What's the buzz with C# and the like? Is there a best...
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    NeoGRUB question

    Does anyone know of a way to boot from a CD using NeoGrub? I have a PE live CD which I really can't afford to let have access to Vista.
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    Resize XP partition

    I needed more space for one of my partitions (has XP already installed), so I shrunk the previous Vista partition by 8GB (using Disk Management) and was left with unpartitioned space. I was self-critical from the start, as I'd never done a Right-to-left partition resize/expansion before, and...
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    Vista HnS troubles

    Hey Given that Vista Hide 'n' Seek is in the pre-BETA stage, I wasn't expecting it to work perfectly. After using it (from my XP [testing] partition), marking C: as Vista and E: as XP (XP is installed on what is assigned as L: from Vista, though) the bootloader showed fine when the PC booted...
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    Black flash using certain features

    Hey I have a Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Keyboard 8000 (awesome), and an MS Wireless Laser Mouse 8000 (cool), both of which can be configured to take advantage of the magnify accessibility feature in Vista. I'm not sure whether the keyboard/mouse magnify feature is the same or different to...
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    iReboot Suggestions

    Hey, I have a couple of suggestions for iReboot. 1) Perhaps the ability to assign each OS an iReboot ID. This could be used in such a way that people could reboot into an OS perhaps by execution. Perhaps like this: iReboot.exe /id 04or iReboot.exe /id "Microsoft Windows Vista"This way, "Reboot...