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    XP, System Restore and W7 'Sleep'

    My dual boot system (W7 / XP) is working ok but booting into XP cleared the W7 Restore Points. I applied the recommended fix (to XP's registry) and that cleared the problem so I now have W7 Restore Points again. However, the fix seems to have caused W7 to no longer go into 'sleep' mode: it...
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    No Sound on XP

    I've recently installed XP on my W7 PC, it now dual boot beautifully with with EasyBCD 2.1 but I can't get any sound when I boot to XP (the motherboard is ASUS P7P55D-E LX) - XP reports that it can't find a sound card. Has anyone come across this and fixed it cos i've run out of ideas? Thanks
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    W7 / XP Dual Boot - Can't install XP on Partition

    Hi, I've installed EasyBCD 2.1 on my W7 PC and now get the boot selection screen when I switch on (just the W7 option is listed). I'm trying to re-load my XP disc but the reader doesn't see it. Should I uninstall BCD and try again or will uninstalling BCD leave me unable to boot into W7? Thanks...
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    W7 and XP Dual Boot Problem

    Hi Guys I'm new to the forum and would appreciate a little help to get my dual boot up and running. I've recently built a Windows 7 PC and it's working fine but I'd like to carry on using XP dual booted on the new PC. I've installed EasyBCD 2.1 and have inow nstalled the hard drive with the XP...