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  1. mqudsi

    Following up on a Purchase Order

    Hello, The followup email chain was flagged as spam and did not come to our attention. We've processed the order and emailed you an invoice. Apologies for the mixup and delay.
  2. mqudsi

    Partition Editor fails to start Easy Recovery Essentials

    I don't understand what response you want. As far as I'm concerned, this has already been asked and answered. You are using the free version. There is a known issue in that release. You are not entitled to access to preview releases with the fix. That's about it. If you want to buy the product...
  3. mqudsi

    iReboot (or something else) turns wild...

    The easiest thing is to probably use EasyBCD to reset the BCD, re-add the entries you have, and then you're good to go.
  4. mqudsi

    Using SecureStore in a desktop application I plan on selling

    Yes, since the SecureStore nuget package is compiled to IL, any C#, F#, or VB.NET application can use it. There are online utils that can convert C# codesamples like those in the SecureStore README showing how to use the library to VB.NET or you can ask your VB.NET developer to do the interop...
  5. mqudsi

    Partition Editor fails to start Easy Recovery Essentials

    Hello, There seems to be some confusion regarding email support. The free version of EasyRE (the EasyRE for Windows 11 promo) doesn't qualify for any email support and support is only via the forums. That aside, there is a known issue with the partition editor not launching in some cases; we...
  6. mqudsi

    NeoSmart Easy Recovery Essentials

    Hi @TitusSales . Enterprise editions of Windows are only supported by the technician's edition EasyRE license.
  7. mqudsi

    Easy re defective, not starting the Gui, no reply from support

    Resolved in the other thread.
  8. mqudsi

    EasyRE Failure and Zero Response from NeoSmart

    @orao22 You should have received an email w/ the refund details.
  9. mqudsi

    Recover deleted folder

    This purchase has been refunded.
  10. mqudsi

    EasyRE Failure and Zero Response from NeoSmart

    Hi ChipMonk, I'm not sure why you haven't heard back from the email help, and I'll look into it. If EasyRE is hanging for 12 hours it sounds like it has actually crashed. This is obviously not supposed to happen, but the only times I've seen it do that are when there is disk corruption or disk...
  11. mqudsi

    Windows 10 Shuts Down

    I've put off an update on a particular PC for months (the uptime was approaching 5 months) and literally just today I logged in and was greeted with a clean desktop. Windows had been threatening me with an automated reboot if I didn't install the latest updates and restart myself and I've been...
  12. mqudsi

    How to Assign Action to F1 Key

    Just fyi, a reboot is required for the mappings to apply.
  13. mqudsi

    Windows 10 Shuts Down

    Forced automatic updates have become the norm across the gamut as part of the overarching story of computers really no longer being under the sole/explicit control of their owners "for the greater good." See Chrome and Firefox for other examples of forced updates.
  14. mqudsi

    Windows 10 causing Photoshop Elements glitch

    I would upgrade my graphics drivers before anything else. Photoshop uses hardware acceleration for a lot of things.
  15. mqudsi

    Easybcd menu turned into windows 7 e.g legacy menu

    GUI boot is frowned upon for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that it is much slower for multibooters. As Terry was hinting at, the "GUI bootloader" is actually a façade - the bootloader itself is tiny and barebones without the capacity to do much more than show a text-based boot...
  16. mqudsi

    Memory Diagnostic fails after using EasyRE for Windows 11

    Ok, we'll look into this. Thanks for providing the info.
  17. mqudsi

    Memory Diagnostic fails after using EasyRE for Windows 11

    Is this booting in EFI or MBR configuration?
  18. mqudsi

    Memory Diagnostic fails after using EasyRE for Windows 11

    Do you mean causes the ability to run the memory diagnostic tool from the bootloader to fail or that the actual memory diagnostic fails?
  19. mqudsi

    syscache.hve was corrupted

    @discfryer That's amazing - it was really a last-ditch suggestion! I presume you had to do it in from a Linux environment as suggested? Which one of the guid files did you end up copying as syscache.hve? Everything to do with syscache.hve is undocumented, all I know about it is what I've been...
  20. mqudsi

    Windows update

    If the key is embedded (or to check if the key is embedded), use the NeoSmart OEM Product Key Tool to retrieve it: