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    HDD Problems

    Have checked as suggested and already set as recommended, also have noticed the files on the C drive are compressed, whereas the D drive is not. Agggghhhhhhh, think the 'ole man' should keep his mitts off my Lap top in future lol
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    HDD Problems

    Hi Justin, There is 7.16GB left free out of 32.7 on the C and 52.1GB out of 65.4GB on D. Mark
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    HDD Problems

    Hi All, i have had a trawl through the forums and have not been able to find anything that may elp with the issue i have with my Amilo Li1718. Bit of history, Had slow boot up problems, so Dad in his wisdom, while visiting, decided to reinstall Vista Home 32 bit, Great problem solved was the...
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    The Introduction Thread

    Hello from a Newbie Hi All, Just a few lines to introduce myself and also say thanks Guru. I have had a peek at previous forums and solved one of the issues i had. Theres more, and as a self taught technophobe (i can hear the tutts lol) im sure someone, somewhere has posted a similar problem...