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  1. mikethemadmonk

    My pc has met it's match

    Just a note to say it's been a while since last visit but everything has been hunky dory, no problems what so ever. However, today my trusty pc finally met it's match. Installed "COD Advanced Warfare" and was informed that my cpu did not match requirements. I have never overclocked, or needed...
  2. mikethemadmonk

    Cpu upgrade advice

    I presently run an Intel(R) core duo E8200 on a P35 platinum (ms-7345) motherboard. This has been outstanding with win 7 64 bit, until Battlefield 4, when it stuttered and at times stopped completely. Now this may have been that because it is necessary to be on line even to play the campaign and...
  3. mikethemadmonk

    Abit NF7-s

    This is weird, I am putting together a computer for a friend who is cash strapped. I have an old case with a decent enough motherboard (Abit NF7-S) All was going well until I tried to connect the monitor. No connection, am I going crazy? The Attached diagram shows that the NF7-M clearly has a...
  4. mikethemadmonk

    Same drive letter

    Starting from Win 7 ultimate on drive c: Added win Xp pro , chose drive letter d: but it insist on changing back to c: when I view settings ?
  5. mikethemadmonk


    Can anyone explain how I can stream movies from my Pc in the loft to the tv in the living room.I have a dual boot pc running both Xp and win 7 ultimate. I connect to the internet using Dlan plugs through my modem, the wi-fi cannot connect up two stories high for some reason. We currently watch...
  6. mikethemadmonk

    dual boot two physical hardrives

    Easy BCD, will this work on two separate hardrives? I installed and set it up in Windows 7 but on booting, it just flashed the option, too quickly to choose.
  7. mikethemadmonk

    Install module driver stopped working (1628 error)

    Have been trying to install Microsoft FSX into Windows 7 but get this repeated error message. Have deleted Temp files stopped my antivirus and firewall but to no avail. Anybody have a solution for this problem?
  8. mikethemadmonk

    NVidia GeForce 8800 GT

    I have just started playing a game on WIN XP which takes high end pc's to run. This caused my pc to turn itself off and then struggle to restart. I first thought that my power source 550 watts was insufficient and installed new power source Corsair 750w. This wasn't the problem, my Nvidia...