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  1. Terry60

    BIOS boot order - Win10 and WinXP on separate physical drives

    See answer in your other thread. W10 has to control the boot. Leave it top of the BIOS queue. Install EasyBCD on W10.
  2. Terry60

    Dual UnBoot

    @Reginald Adding an XP HDD from a different PC (unless it's identical hardware to the new PC), probably won't work straight away. XP will probably be missing a few drivers. If XP is a retail version you bought with an installation CD, you'll most likely need to do a "Repair Install" so that it...
  3. Terry60

    Setting a boot manager for two INDEPENDENTLY installed, physical disks

    The boot will take a few seconds longer, after that it's all SSD.
  4. Terry60

    Setting a boot manager for two INDEPENDENTLY installed, physical disks

    You don't need to "install" a boot manager. The MS bootmgr does the dual booting. EasyBCD is not a boot manager, it's a Windows .NET application which enables you to manage the contents of MS bootmgr's BCD store Do your 5 steps above then boot W10 and install EasyBCD. Open EasyBCD and use it to...
  5. Terry60

    adding entries

    PLease read
  6. Terry60

    Dual UnBoot

    If you don't have a W7 installation DVD, create a repair disc (Control Program > Backup & Restore > Create repair disc) Clone disk 1 When you replace it with the clone, it probably won't boot (depending on your partition manager) Boot the repair disc (or installation DVD) "Repair your...
  7. Terry60

    Removed Partition with EasyBCD

    Thanks for posting. Well done, best of luck.
  8. Terry60

    Windows boot menu broken after restoring

    One OS's BCD is being used to boot the system, and the other OS is just an entry in the other's BCD. The first one is controlling the boot.
  9. Terry60

    Windows boot menu broken after restoring

    Only you know which of your OSs you set up in control of the boot. All I am saying is "does the tick metro box work when that system is set as default?" If you can't remember how you set up your system, try making each one default in turn and rebooting. If one of them restores the GUI boot menu...
  10. Terry60

    Removed Partition with EasyBCD

    Windows was controlling the boot and you've removed Windows. Peter summed it up. Afraid my Linux knowledge is way out of date, last time I used it was before grub2 came along so restoring a grub2 boot would better be resarched on a dedicated Linux forum.
  11. Terry60

    What does setting boot drive to "BOOT" in EasyBCD do?

    There are no drive letters in the BCD. Windows letters are virtual labels with no physical existance in the real world. If your PC is powered down (or running Linux) there are no drive letters. When you boot Windows it will assign letters to the drives or partitions in the order that they're...
  12. Terry60

    Boot menu problem

    I assume your PC is UEFI, in which case you should read for the reason why not and how to get round the MS prohibition. If the PC is MBR/BIOS which you've upgraded to W10, then the answer would be yes.
  13. Terry60

    Windows boot menu broken after restoring

    Make sure that your OS controlling the boot is the default and see if that allows the Metro boot menu to be enabled when you tick that box.
  14. Terry60

    Windows 10 Stuck in bootloop

    Can you get into the BIOS (normally keep hittting "del" after power on). If so set boot priority to optical before HDD then boot from your Installation DVD Select "repair your computer" > "Repair startup" do the above two lines three times Remove the DVD and reboot
  15. Terry60

    Two Win10 drives — can I install EasyBCD on both?

    EasyBCD is not a boot manager. It takes no part in booting your PC. It helps you manage the contents of the Windows bootmgr's BCD if and when you use it. You can install or uninstall to your heart's content, nothing will happen to your PC unless you open it and tell it to make some changes to...
  16. Terry60

    New Users I need help about how can i use?

    Boot your Windows installation DVD "Repair your computer" > Repair Startup Do the above three times
  17. Terry60

    Windows boot menu broken after restoring

    Same EasyBCD page as the "Metro" box "Edit Boot Menu" The list of boot entries comes with a "default" column to tick Incidentally Ther'e no "EasyBCD look" about the boot menu. It's all 100% MS bootmgr, both versions.
  18. Terry60

    Windows boot menu broken after restoring

    Thats the normal non-GUI menu used by bootmgr all the way from Vista to now. It became optional (sort of) when W8 introduced Metro GUI (which soon lost that name after a copyright clash) It's what I use by preference. It was "sort of" optional as long as the latest OS was default, but when e.g...
  19. Terry60

    Enable grayed out options?

    Are you now using a UEFI PC ? If so read