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  1. Mak 2.0

    error c000000e winload.exe fix for vista

    Unless you formatted the drive before installing Vista again then yes there can easily be some left of the previous installs.
  2. Mak 2.0

    How long does automated repair take?

    Send EasyRE support requests to I would suggest you send an email as suggested for help with EasyRE.
  3. Mak 2.0

    newbie here

    What are you trying to do exactly? You use EasyBCD to make a dual boot selection. Meaning your trying to boot multiple versions of Windows or boot Windows with a distribution of Linux. Creating a Bootable USB
  4. Mak 2.0

    Booting Windows 7 and Multiple Linux Distros

    You should be fine. That is what I have done to add Ubuntu when I dual boot and it works for me.
  5. Mak 2.0

    Restoring Vista to new hard drive but restore CD's not working and HP won't support

    Our products are for recovery of failed bootloaders and other related items. Our disks and products do not contain the install information for any version of Windows.
  6. Mak 2.0

    Tech changes in 2014.

    What are the titles of these works? I am interested in reading something new all the time so it will be a good pickup to get and read thru. :) But glad to see your still alive mate. As far as the tech industry, who knows really. I mean 5-10 years ago I would never think 4GB of RAM would...
  7. Mak 2.0

    My Bootdisk goes right to GRUB>? No menu on boot

    Well sounds like you either tried to install a version of Linux or you added an entry for Linux using EasyBCD. It also sounds like you made that entry the default entry. You need to rebuild the BCD. *Moved* Not a bug with EasyBCD.
  8. Mak 2.0

    Cpu upgrade advice

    As far as I know, no. But I could be wrong. Since DDR4 is still very new to the market and only been talked about there is no knowing for sure at this time. But if history is to be believed, then it wont. Since DDR, DDr2 and DDR3 are all different. Even if they were the same, the mobo would...
  9. Mak 2.0

    Cpu upgrade advice

    You could try going with something like an AMD X4 Black Edition. - AMD Athlon X4 750K Trinity 3.4GHz Socket FM2 100W Quad-Core Desktop Processor - Black Edition AD750KWOHJBOX They are good CPU's and with a clock range of 3.4GHz it is quite quick. I personally have the AMD Phenom...
  10. Mak 2.0

    Blue Screen of Death.

    You had a driver crash. Bug Check 0xD1: DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL (Windows Debuggers) You need to check and make sure all of your drivers are up to date, NO Windows Update does not do this for you.
  11. Mak 2.0

    Still can't find the right answer - my Win7 is dead

    Well first it is called Recovery Essentials. So it would be RE not ER. Next why would you be disabling 1 SATA Device at a time when you state they are in a RAID array. That mean you would have to shut off the whole ar4ray, meaning both drives, and see if it can be recovered. Also RE is...
  12. Mak 2.0

    Unallocated space

    To clear things up a bit as well, Windows is installed to the C:\ drive as well as it is using that for the Pagefile. The reason I know this, Windows cant be installed to anything but a Primary drive now. Since the other drive is Extended, Windows is not installed there so all of your Windows...
  13. Mak 2.0

    Where's BCD?

    Then you are not looking on the right drive. Global Root doesn't mean C:\ necessarily. It could be what Windows has designated as the Boot Drive or it could mean that since no drive is designated, that there was no backup generated since it doesn't state a drive. Since you didn't use EasyBCD...
  14. Mak 2.0

    Where's BCD?

    he boot files are system protected files. So even if you have the option to show hidden files on, you have to check the option to show system protected files in order to see the boot files.
  15. Mak 2.0

    Windows 8.1 RTM available for download

    From what I have seen it was a lot of cosmetic stuff more than anything else. Mainly to make those happy that they have a start button back, access to all apps without having to right click , the ability to use desktop background as start background and the addition of the new tooltip helpers...
  16. Mak 2.0

    Windows 8.1 RTM available for download

    It is 64 Bit. Which is why it is strange that I was able to perform the update. I like some of the new options. Like being able to use my desktop background as my Start background. The addition of the "Start Button" is alright but force of habit has me using the keyboard key anyways...
  17. Mak 2.0

    Configure boot of USB Drive which was converted from bootable ISO

    There is nothing you can use from us that will work for you. EasyBCD is for the booting of Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Those are the 3 OS's to date that support the use of the BCD as that was created when Windows vista was released. Yes you can use EasyBCD to add an entry for XP...
  18. Mak 2.0

    Trying to add an XP drive to make a triple boot system

    I am saying that it would be impossible. Go to your new PC manufacturer's site. Check their site for Drivers for XP. I bet you Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Steve Balmer and Tim Cook's money that you wont find any. XP is past end of life. Microsoft isn't even supporting it past April. No PC...
  19. Mak 2.0

    Unable to Recover Windows Vista - Please Help

    Considering the site says to email them directly and not to come to the Forums for support, I would have to say no. There will be no responses from this forum that will be of assistance. The website gives specific instructions on what to do if you have issues.
  20. Mak 2.0

    allow use unsigned drivers on 64-bit not working with windows 8.1

    Considering Windows 8.1 was just released and EasyBCD has not been updated to b fully compatible with it, that would explain it. Maybe instead of demanding that it get fixed you could try to ask for an ETA or if this issue is being looked at.