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  1. Terry60

    Any Kodi experts out there to advise a Kodi newby ?

    Trying to migrate from WMC with Media Browser on Windows 7, to Windows 10 (No WMC, hence trying to manage my 5Tb Movie/TV/Music/Photo collections through a 3rd party alternative) Installed Kodi, and since I don't want any streaming services or live TV, I assumed it would be simplicity itself to...
  2. Terry60

    42 Douglas Adams quotes to live by

    1. “A learning experience is one of those things that says, 'You know that thing you just did? Don't do that.’” 2. “I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.” 3. “Let's think the unthinkable, let's do the undoable. Let us prepare to grapple...
  3. Terry60

    Windows secret updates ?

    Late Xmas Eve, I shut down my PC and it went into automatic update despite having WUD set to "Notify me.." Xmas morning, booting up, it took 20 minutes or so "configuring Windows Updates, Do not turn off....", then "Tidying Up, Do not....." Eventually after an age, the desktop appeared, so...
  4. Terry60

    Windows 10 System Restore defaults "off"

    Just a heads-up to anyone who has ever used Windows System Restore to get them out of trouble in the past. Windows 10 defaults to "System protection off" unlike iirc all previous WIndows since ME which have had the feature defaulting to "on" . You might want to go and turn it on.
  5. Terry60

    OUCH !

    Alongside Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, Ronald Wayne was instrumental during the formative years of Apple. Afraid of past experiences and skeptical about the future, Wayne sold his share in Apple for just $800 (£516), 11 days after Apple was formed. According to reports, Wayne would have been...
  6. Terry60

    iReboot: Make current entry default until another OS is selected

    How do I set the config values to achieve what I had with grub/Hns ? i.e. Current OS always reboots to itself until a different OS is selected, then that one continues to be default until another selection.
  7. Terry60

    Windows 8 (or 10) boot problems ? Please read this before posting

    Since I have been giving this answer to what seems to be the majority of recent, apparently diverse, problems with W8, I'll put it here in a sticky thread, so that I can at least post a link to it rather than continually repeat the advice in thread after thread. Windows 8 and 8.1 will install...
  8. Terry60

    How to clean up your Windows Live Mail Storage folders.

    You might think your WLM folders are neatly and logically organized and that you don't have a problem. Indeed I wouldn't advocate reorganizing them unnecessarily, but if you've ever exported your emails from one PC to another, or even from one OS to another on the same PC, they're probably a lot...
  9. Terry60

    Dynamic Default ?

    Perversely for a mod, I've only just started using EasyBCD again after a five year gap where mostly I was quad-booting courtesy of HnS with grub4dos, and latterly single booting W7 directly. Having installed 8.1 over 8, I used 8.1's bootmgr to dual-boot back to W7 using Easy. This morning I...
  10. Terry60

    Cool Website

    Saw this on the BBC this evening, and thought you might find it interesting, both for the content and for the mind boggling zoom capability of the webpage. - The Scale of the Universe
  11. Terry60

    Flash grabs !

    selfcontrolfreak try tapping him on the head when he takes a rest !
  12. Terry60

    [FIXED] Build 180 auto-load BCD bug

    Tiny bug in the new build you might want to sort before release. It works perfectly finding my non standard BCD location (from the previous build), but it doesn't specify it in Tools > Options (nor have the box ticked). Ticking the box and trying to select the location gets an "already in use"...
  13. Terry60

    Cold Shutdown restarts instead ?

    Recently, my cold shut down, set in advanced power options to take effect on the PC power button, the "power off" keyboard button and the start globe "shutdown", all fail to shut down the PC. Instead it reboots as if "restart" had been selected. The power options haven't changed, but I did...
  14. Terry60

    IE9 Tabs

    Does anyone know how to make IE9 open clicked links in a new tab ? Both Maxthon and Opera can be tailored to user requirements in their tab options, but IE9 > Internet Options > Tabs doesn't do what I want no matter what combination of ticking and unticking boxes I try. If I click an embedded...
  15. Terry60

    Disable Windows 7 Thumbnail Cache - Solved ?

    XP used to cache thumbnails in "thumbs.db" files added to the folder in which the relevant pictures were stored. That was logical. Since Vista, Windows is now using the C:\Users\Yourname\Appdata\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Explorer folder. This is a known security hazard to those working with...
  16. Terry60

    Icon Meanings

    The C: disk Icon is fairly obvious, but does anyone know what this one means ? On the off chance that it indicated a problem, I've given the drive another chkdsk /r, but the Icon persists. Better still, is there a list of Windows Icon explanations anywhere ? I've searched the web with...
  17. Terry60

    EasyBCD latest builds

    Select "External Devices" Drag down the EasyBCD Window bottom border.
  18. Terry60

    Website Editor

    I took a day off last week (what ? nobody noticed !) and went to an airshow with an old mate who wanted to see some of the photos and vids I took. Rather than email 150Mb (my ISP has a 10Mb email limit) I decided to use some of the "free" webspace I've been paying for in my monthly sub, so I...
  19. Terry60

    Vista SP2

    Has anyone else noticed quirky behaviour in Vista since SP2 installed ? My gadgets (seven fitting neatly down one column) have always been in the same order, and shuffle themselves back into place as they start at boot time (with perhaps a 1-2% failure rate where one gadget is hiding behind...
  20. Terry60

    Are you Conficker-Free ?

    Just a handy link to check that you're not infected.