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    ntoskrl missing

    i wwent to boot into XP pro from my dual boot win7/xp pro and got message ntoskrl was missing. how can i fix this? can i try to repair the xp installation and then set up the dual boot with win 7? the more detailed the instructions the better. thanks Dan
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    Windows XP starts to load but no users

    I only use my XP installation once a month or so. Today I needed to use an older program that won't run on Windows 7. I iReboot to go to my XP installation and I get the black startup window that say Windows Xp and the flag. Then I get the light blue screen that would normally have the user...
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    BSOD when trying to install XP

    I have a laptop that came preinstalled with Vist home premuim, I had a copy of XP that i wanted to install and dual boot but when I try to install xp i get a BSOD the errors pop up so fast that i can't read them. I have since installed windows 7 and still cannot install xp. I have successfully...
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    networking problem

    the other day I set up a connection, a shared connection, to get my sons laptop on-line. I have since then deleted that connection because I have his wireless working on the home wireless network. Now my problem is, i CAN get on the internet via wirelss (home network), I can see other...
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    Upgrading Vista to 7 w/ XP

    When Win 7 gets released in the next few weeks (my copy from HP at least). What will be the best way to install it and still keep my XP which is currently set to dual boot. I would assume that I would upgrade the Vista install with 7. Then do I follow the instuctions for "Installing XP before...
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    Renaming other OS

    I downloads EasyBCD in preparation for my Windows 7 install, in the mean time I figured I would use it to rename the choices for my current dual boot in which I had Vista 64 and then installed XP PRO (32bit). The instructions i followed when i did the dual boot (a few months ago before I found...