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    Desktop Helpers

    I just read about these programs called "Desktop Helpers". They're animated talking characters for Windows/Mac desktops. Link To Page: 伺か (Desktop Helpers) | The Phlying Penguin I remember somebody telling me that there was a similar program in english. If you know about anything like this...
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    Partition Not Found

    I was just trying to install iATKOS [Mac OSX 10.5 for intel], and I think that ity involves unmounting the vista partition. When I start up, it says "HFS+ Partition error". When I boot into the Vista Repair Disk, it doesn't show any drives or partitions. How do I get my Vista partition back?
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    Vista and XP Dual-Boot

    I'm going to triple-boot my laptop. It already has vista and ubuntu dual-booted, and I'm going to try and install XP. However, I'm a bit nervous about EasyBCD because of my previous incedents with it. So, I'm going to use a method I found on the net: I just wanted to know what the people here...
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    What is your favorite Linux distro?

    The title says it all which distro of Linux/BSD is your favorite? [By the way, just to those who don't already know, Mac is actually just a version of BSD.]
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    Strange Startup Problems

    I managed to finally fix vista on my computer, and I managed to mess it up again.:( Something very strange happens on startup into vista. I get to the login screen, and log in successfully. Then, the screen goes blank. The first time I encountered this, there was a popup error message that said...
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    I Have An Idea...

    This post is continuing from this thread: I thought of something; I may not have an MBR problem on my computer. I think I might have an actual BIOS virus. I need to know where I can download BIOS files for toshiba satellite computers...
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    Song Lyrics

    I started this thread at several other forums, and it's always quite popular. Basically, you just post lyrics to your favorite songs. I can't post any right now, because copy and paste isn't working for some weird reason.
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    Vista Bootloader Problems

    My windows vista bootloader is always crashing for reasons I can't understand. For every time before this, I used the installation disc to repair it, and that worked, but now it doesn't anymore. It says "Windows cannot repair these problems". So, I tried re-installing vista, but it gets stuck at...
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    Locked Hard Drive

    Some very terrible things happened to my computer when I installed EasyBCD on my windows vista OS. 1. My hard drive was locked out. It used to say: 230 GB Available, 218.4 GB Free. Now it says, 230 GB Available, 0.0 GB Free. 2. It tampered with the Vista startup and program files. This made...