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    Deskjet 5550 has suddenly switched to Very Slow Printing Mod

    Windows 7 / HP Deskjet 5550: Printer has been working fine, but for some unknown reason it has decided to change over to Excruciatingly Slow Printing Mode: instead of hearing the carrier busily scurrying back and forth, it now trundles once across, then takes a long rest, then heads back the...
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    Updating when system shutting down

    Windows 7 : - PC has not been connected to the Internet for over a week, yet - every evening when shutting down a screen notice appears to not turn off the computer because "1 of 2" or "1 of 3" or some such updates are installing; so - what is this about? since the supposed updates cannot have...
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    Updating when system shutting down

    When shutting down, frequently there is a "Do not turn computer off; updates # of # being installed." I do not want updates to be automatically installed; going to Microsoft Security Essentials, I am informed that my "spyware and virus definitions are automatically updated..."; how do I know...
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    Connecting to Internet : Tray Icon

    Windows 7 - Use a T-Mobile wireless HotSpot for connection; when first connecting with it a couple of years ago an icon appeared in the Tray (guess that's what it's called -- bottom of the screen); I'd turn the HotSpot on, then click on the icon and a pop-up would appear ("Open Network and...
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    Lock-in drive letter designation?

    PC / Windows 7: I have a Seagate external drive USB’d to my PC; I want it to ALWAYS remain designated as drive “I:” – however, if I use one of my other USB ports for something else, the Seagate drive designation slithers off to some other letter. Is there any way to lock the I: drive...
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    How to rotate .mov image?

    Windows 7 here: Received a .mov image via Thunderbird email; when I open it to play (QuickTime image, it says) it's sideways; how can I rotate it and save it properly upright? Many thanks!
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    What is Lenovo Service Bridge?

    What is Lenovo Service Bridge and why do the automatic "download update" or whatever they are seem to be happening rather frequently? Thanks!
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    Windows Explorer File View

    How does one set Windows 7 Windows Explorer to ALWAYS open with the files in LIST view -- with no DETAILS, etc.? All of my e-searching turns up nothing about whether or not MS-we-know-what's-best-for-you Windows 7 even has this capability. Any info most appreciated. Thanks!