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    Command Line

    As i mentioned in my recent post, I would like to see a command line utility thats easy to use. Even if the only option is to restore a backed up settings file, it would be a great help to the world of OS Deployment. (Just posted here to make the request "official like")
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    Quick Question about command line

    I'm curious, Is there any command line options for EasyBCD? I know the purpose of EasyBCD is to basically remove the yucky command line interface that Vista offers, but does it maintain any kind of command line functionality? The reason i ask is this: I'm an administrator in a lab that...
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    Error When Trying to Add/Remove Entry

    For some reason when I click the Add/Remove Entries button on the left, the program crashes, providing the pop up window below. I have tried the program on 3 computers, 2 are identical and both do it, the 3rd is different and it works fine. The problem occurs in both 1.60, and 1.61, but not in...