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  1. mqudsi

    EasyBCD 2.3 Released

    EasyBCD 2.3 has been released. More information is available in the official announcement. Everyone is urged to upgrade as soon as possible. We won't be providing support for users still on version 2.2 as a lot of bugfixes and improvements are featured in this release. Cheers!
  2. mqudsi

    Barrel Roll Iced Tea

    This is an oldie and I think I may have even posted this here myself before, but just in case I haven't: Last 45 seconds are gold. I figured @Terry60 would particularly enjoy (probably re-) watching this.
  3. mqudsi

    In-Browser Windows 1.0 and Windows 95 Simulators

    I came across these two links, they're pretty cool. They run old versions of Windows in your browser via a javascript-based virtual machine. I haven't been able to get the Windows 95 one to run, but the Windows 1.0 seems to be the real deal. I don't think they re-implemented a copy of Windows...
  4. mqudsi

    Huge news: Microsoft to stop releasing Windows versions
  5. mqudsi

    Easy Recovery Essentials for Windows 10 Giveaway

    Easy Recovery Essentials for Windows 10 is now a free download, from now until the end of the Windows 10 Technical Program. Grab it today! Download EasyRE Professional for Windows 10 EasyRE can be made into a bootable CD or USB and provides the following features: • automatic system...
  6. mqudsi

    Everything you ever wanted to know about how your PC boots, part one

    Hey guys, There's a new article in the wiki that I think warrants a post here, as it address many fundamental questions that we've been asked to compile a resource about over the years. The BIOS/MBR Boot Process, aka everything you ever wanted to know about how your PC boots, part one...
  7. mqudsi

    Windows 8.1 RTM available for download

    Just a quick heads-up for any TechNet or MSDN subscribers: Microsoft has reversed its original decision to withhold Windows 8.1 RTM from developers/testers/subscribers via MSDN or TechNet until it was available for update/sale to the general public, and you can now grab a copy of Windows 8.1 RTM...
  8. mqudsi

    Send All EasyRE support requests to

    All questions associated with Easy Recovery Essentials for Windows and the NeoSmart-created Windows recovery CDs should be submitted via email to ---
  9. mqudsi

    EasyBCD 2.2 Released

    EasyBCD 2.2 has been officially released: Announcing EasyBCD 2.2: Windows 8 dual-booting and more! | The NeoSmart Files Enjoy.
  10. mqudsi

    Windows 8 RTM Released

    Download Windows 8 Enterprise Evaluation Visual Studio 2012 also available. Using RTM eval will give you a 90 day trial, but you have no option of upgrading to the real version thereafter. Actual version available on MSDN and TechNet (though I haven't seen it for myself, no real inclination as...
  11. mqudsi

    Downtime due to server move

    Sorry for the past downtime (~three and a half hours) as the servers were being physically relocated from one datacenter to another while our host moved locations. Everything should be back up and running now.
  12. mqudsi

    Windows 8 and EasyBCD

    I have just finished posting a rather lengthy write-up on our findings regarding the new Windows 8 bootloader, what's new, how it works, and on EasyBCD's support for Windows 8. The New Windows 8 Bootmenu/Bootloader The NeoSmart Files If you have anything to contribute to this topic, or...
  13. mqudsi

    Forums Upgraded to vB 4.1

    Hey Everybody, I've been working on the forums for the most part of the day, upgrading the system to vBulletin 4.1 and many other things. Please bear with us if you see anything weird, and post about it here so we can get it fixed ASAP. There are a lot of new features, but mainly things will...
  14. mqudsi

    Improved Loading Speed

    I've changed some settings in the caching, you may notice that pages render and load (esp. the images) faster. :)
  15. mqudsi

    Question Regarding the New Timeout Options

    Just a quick Q regarding the newly added timeout options in the latest build, reflected in the poll above. I'm not sure if I should put the options in logical order (no timeout, a small timeout, zero timeout) or in order of popularity (small timeout, no timeout, skip timeout).
  16. mqudsi

    Unexpected Downtime

    Last night the servers ran out of free space due to an overflow of backups (better than a shortage!), corrupting the virtual machine state files. We had ~6 hours of downtime as a result. Unfortunately, I was forced to restore a backup from around 12 hours ago to get things going. Any posts...
  17. mqudsi

    EasyBCD 2.0 Released!

    Thank you all for your help in bringing this program to the light of day, and for making it our best software release ever. We love you :) Welcome to EasyBCD 2.0! The NeoSmart Files
  18. mqudsi

    New Win7 Wallpapers

    Hi, I've got even more Windows 7 wallpapers, some of the exclusively provided from international copies of Windows 7. Check them out here, we've got 7 pages worth right now and I've got more coming from East Europe :) Windows 7 Wallpapers - NeoSmart PhotoSky Gallery
  19. mqudsi

    Happy Birthday, Peter :)

    Title says it all. Glad to have you with us at NST for yet another year. Thanks for all your valued contributions and your friendship! :)
  20. mqudsi

    iReboot 2.0 Discussion Thread

    Given that the official iReboot 2.0 beta thread is locked, you guys can use this thread to discuss iReboot 2.0 :) Happy beta testing!