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    After reinstalling Windows 7 unable to boot into Windows XP

    I have triple os system with XP installed first Windows 7 second and Linux mint last and was working ok for the past two years.Of late Windows 7 display started freezing and resolution getting changed at random.Clean boot disabling services did not help and decided to reinstall Windows 7 so that...
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    Multibooting utility discs

    I have with me ERD Commader software for XP and windows 7.I want to add windows 7 repair disc to make a combined disc for repairing my system .I spent considerable time on the net for a solution.But I am more confused..Can somebody guide me to make a bootable cd?.Since I am a non geek I request...
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    Triple boot Windows ubuntu and other distro like PCLinuxOS

    Earlier with the help of this forum I was able to install windows 7 on second hard disk and windows xp and ubuntu on first.Now that I have small partition getting free I wanted to install PCLinuxOS so as to test my ATI Radeon HD agp card since I failed miserably getting the driver to work in...
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    uninstall Windows RC

    I have a triple boot system with Grub selecting Windows or Ubuntu.After selecting windows option to choose Windows 7 RC or XP.Easy BCD is installed in windows xp partition.Kindly Suggest how to remove Windows RC as it started its annoyance of shutting down periodically. Thanks
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    grub 2 long time to load

    I have a PC with two hard disks .On first Windows XP installed.On second Windows 7 RC and ubuntu 9.10 installed and working OK.But grub is taking long to load.Earlier when UBuntu 9.04 with earlier version of grub installed there was no such delay?.Why I did not have this difficulty with earlier...
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    Triple booting with XP ,win7 RC and Ubuntu 9.04

    This my first thread.I am not a geek.I had XP and later installed Windows 7RC.Last week due to space constraints fixed second hard disk.With the help of other forum I managed to transfer Win 7 partition to the second hard drive duly installing Easybcd on the first hard disk Then I ventured to...