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    EasyBCD w/ Win 7 recovery CD does ot recognize hard drive

    Hi, according NeoSmart instructions, I created a 'live' EasyBCD/Win 7 recovery on a thumb drive. I even have a backup of the boot-sector (made with EasyBCD) of the PC to repair. In the BIOS the hard drive in question is visible, EasyBCD starts up until the GUI, but when trying to recover it does...
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    easyBCD 2.2 license error

    after a crash I'm trying to re-activate easyBCD but always get the following message" Error encountered while obtining license from remote server. Email, activation key and internet connection are ok. Tried for about two weeks withot any success.
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    multi boot / twin boot manager mess - HELP!

    Hello, My former setup was a dual boot with Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1 and SuseLinux. To exchange SuseLinux for Kali Linux I deleted the four Linux partitions and left them as unallocated space. Using the Windows Repair Disk I corrected the MBR and got to the point of normally starting Windows...