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    Dual booting - but with errors

    :wtf: Hello again, back with more confusement. Hoping someone can help with a pesky problem. I have Vista and Fedora 11 x64 KDE dual booting, but getting errors. Using EasyBCD 1.7.2 Bit of history... I have one SataII drive - three partitions. C:\ 40gb for windows, D:\ 125gb for documents (I...
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    Vista/Fedora11 dual boot, No Plymouth

    Hi guys, I installed Fedora 11 first, then a fresh install of Vista. Booting using EasyBCD and NeoGrub to launch Fedora 11 I am keeping on top of updates, and have updated my menu.lst with new Fedora kernels as they came along, and reconfigured Neogrub to use the same kernels Followed the...