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    Unable to change mbr

    Just saw this thread, it was like deja vu! Grub clearly has no problem booting non-active partitions, I wonder why the Vista BM needs to do that? Since only one partition can be active it must make it difficult if you want two separate bootable Vista partitions.
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    Vista SP2 problem - followed by EasyBCD failure

    Hi Terry Thanks for the response, it wasn't the problem but it's useful information in any case. What it turned out to be is that somehow (and I didn't consciously do this) the main Vista partition was not marked active. Grub could boot it, but in that condition it was not possible to get the...
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    Vista SP2 problem - followed by EasyBCD failure

    Hi folks I discovered the hard way that Vista SP2 won't complete installing because I use Grub as my boot loader and it's installed in the MBR. I can happily boot Fedora or Vista, but three times now I have been unable to install the SP and it reverts. Simple you think, let's re-install the...