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    LOUD beep when booting osx

    i finally got all 4 OS's on my single HDD laptop. 7, xp, ubuntu, and osx. well almost. they all boot from win7's boot loader, except mac. i installed mac using the nawcom boot cd. it installs and says "install successful" and then i click to restart. then, per the write-up on nawcom's site...
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    quad boot help: osx, XP, win7, ubuntu

    Laptop: Lenovo Y550P. Single 500gb HDD. I want to install (if possible) XP x64, Win7 x64, Ubuntu 10.10, and OSX 10.6.3 (the retail disc i currently have) I've tried everything. cant get it to work. the main issue is OSX needing GPT, and windows needing MBR. If i format using the Mac...