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    XP Stuck in Startup Sound Loop in Dual Boot SSD/Hard Drive configuration

    My system used to successfully dual boot into Windows 7 and XP. The first small partition had Dell diagnostics and general DOS programs. The second was XP, the third was Windows 7. All acting nicely with Easy BCD as the dual boot facilitator. Then I copied Windows 7 (the main OS) to a SSD...
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    Ubuntu Confusion

    Hi all, I am having what I believe are grub related multi-boot errors, and would appreciate your thoughts. I have read the FAQS, and already experimented as much as I can with using grub and grub2, and tried checking and unchecking the key options related to grub installation. I mucked up my...
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    /ntldr problem; XP32bit and Windows 7 64bit

    Hi, I am trying to create a dual boot system. It is on a Dell Vostro 420. The primary drive (SATA 0) has a hidden dell fat partition with some dell utilities, Windows XP SP3 32bit on the next logical partition, and then Windows 7 64bit on a partition. In XP; Windows shows as c:. In Windows...