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    Replace mother board

    One other problem with a motherboard replacement is the user may have to do a repair install for XP - and that could be impossible to do with an OEM install.
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    Win XP Pro & Win 7 dual boot; Error message when trying to install XP

    Did you even try the procedure I mentioned above in #12?
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    Win XP Pro & Win 7 dual boot; Error message when trying to install XP

    Information to alleviate issues with XP and SATA and/or AHCI and/or IDE and/or RAID, as implemented on newer motherboards, and slipstreaming these drivers into XP I recommend the following instructions which will result in XP recognizing these BIOS selections and installing without a fuss...
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    How to install a clean dual boot XP W7

    Read this first:
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    Maybe a simple Question (or not)!

    Try YUMI:
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    UEFI Bios issues

    Did you ask the folks at the ASUS forum?
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    UEFI Bios issues

    Which motherboard and BIOS? I ask because I have the Rampage IV Extreme with BIOS 3404 and it includes the legacy option; I do not have Win8 installed so that could be what is causing your problem.
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    Triple boot -- XP / 7 / 8

    Yes - just install 8 then install Easy BCD in 8
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    Help to install Easy BCD

    You must also have Win7 installed.
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    install win7/win8 form usb using easybcd?

    You can download Windows7-USB-DVD-tool.exe from Microsoft - it will allow for the creation of a bootable DVD or USB device that can be used to install Win7 and, probbaly, Win8.
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    upgrading mobo,cpu,ram killed my multi-bootability

    When there are major hardware changes, as indicated above, to 'keep' your existing XP installation the recommended procedure is to boot from an updated XP CD/DVD and to do a repair install. If you are lucky, the updated CD/DVD will include the latest drivers for the hardware and update things...
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    GRUB4DOS - flash drive - made a boot mess before EasyBCD shown

    Thanks - things are back to normal.
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    GRUB4DOS - flash drive - made a boot mess before EasyBCD shown

    GRUB4DOS - flash drive - made a boot mess before EasyBCD shown I'm assembling a new system and, as I have not yet installed a CD/DVD drive in it, I was thinking of using a flash drive to install XP Pro w/SP3 as the initial operating system. Once I was satisfied with things I would install Win7...
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    Go here: and see if this info helps. You can have only one active partiton per harddrive and it MUST be on a primary partiton.
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    How to delete the black selection window of EasyBCD

    Look in the root of your C:\> drive for a \Boot folder - rename it, if the DOS screen disappears, then you cna delete it.
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    Need help. lost "\windows\system32\winload.exe

    Though Win7 was preinstalled you should have a hidden partition that was created by the computer manufaturer. In this partiton is Win7 and all other programs provided to you when you purchased the system. What you require are the key strokes required to get you into this hidden partition when...
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    3gig switch

    Assuming the user has a 64-bit capable system. This article by Microsoft can help: "Memory Support and Windows Operating Systems" - search the Microsoft web site.
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    Easy BCD 2.2 beta build - minor install error

    Downloaded 2.20 Build 160 - setup identified the program as 2.1.1 during installation routine. When done > Help > About showed Might want to change the install script to show corrrect version - some could be confused.:??
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    Need help triple-booting three operating systems

    No problems running three operating systems. The usual procedure is to install the oldest first and the newest last; XP then Vista then Win7 - that allows the 'newer' OS to create a boot menu that includes all OS's.
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    Dual boot Windows XP with Windows 7.

    It is not necessarily a good idea to have both operating systems installled on the same hard drive - unless you forgot to mention it was one drive with at least two partitions.