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    Focus not set correctly after startup

    In EasyBCD is the focus for the "default tab at startup" not set correctly. I use this display option with the tab "Edit Boot Menu". After startup the correct Menu is shown, but the blue border in "EasyBCD Toolbox" is set at the first entry (not at the second entry, where it should be).
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    Deleted Item Loses Focus on Confirmation Dialog

    EasyBCD has a little cosmetic problem with delete confirmation. If I delete a entry from the 'Edit Boot Menu' the delete confirmation dialog ask me 'Are you sure you want to delete this entry?' and (this is the problem) unmark the chosen entry. I could not verify, wether I delete the correct...
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    Default Display Options

    It should be useful to set the display option 'Save EasyBCD window size on exit' on by default (e.g. after updates). Another useful display option like 'Save EasyBCD window position on exit' (which also should set on by default) is missing.
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    Option to save the path for the bcd backup file

    Is in EasyBCD an option to save the path for the bcd backup file?