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  1. zwaldowski

    Using bcdedit to edit an external hive/run via WINE/emulate iReboot?

    Title pretty much says it all. Really, I made sure it did. One would assume that, since it runs on almost nothing else, bcdedit.exe can be run via WINE. And, according to the menu options in EasyBCD, it can load a hive at a given location. What would prevent someone to write a short shell...
  2. zwaldowski

    Fake active partition?

    NeoSmart's EasyBCD wiki states that NeoGrub can "Fak[e] primary/active partitions." How would I go about this? I've tried the "makeactive" syntax, but that only makes me have to boot from my Vista Recovery Disc to set my Vista partition active. Yes, what I'm trying to get at rhymes with...