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    dual boot Vista + XP (I have both installed separatedly)

    Hi, I started this new post because I now have Vista and XP both completely installed and running on different hard disks. At the time, when I want to use vista I unplug the XP disk and vice versa. I would like to know if I could set up EasyBCD to dual boot this system so I dont have to unplug...
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    Please Help - Bricked System!

    Hi, I think I finnaly found the reason of the problem. I started a fresh XP install on the 150Gb disk alone, disconnecting the other two. XP recognized the drive and apparently formatted it correctly and copied the installation files, but after the reboot it could not load. I tried loading an...
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    Please Help - Bricked System!

    Thanks for posing guys, Actually I labeled the drives before starting. I changed the label of the empty drive where i wanted to install XP inside vista, I labeled it "Windows XP Pro" Then when I started the XP installation it saw the three drives and the correct labels, so I selected the drive...
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    Please Help - Bricked System!

    Hi, I have a big problem after following the "Windows XP after Vista" guide at I had a working Vista installation with much important information on a 750GB HD and two other empty drives, 150Gb each all of them SATA drives. I first...