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  1. jethrow815

    need some advise for kids computer

    hello, I recently got a hold of 3 dinosaurs. I'm not familiar with the older style computers, older stlye ram & processors. I'm trying to make a computer for my kids that will run some games they like to keep them off my PC. the 3 fully operational PC's I have to work with are- emachines...
  2. jethrow815

    W7 has outsmarted me

    despite my previous post, I decided against triple booting. my vista CD is now next to my ME CD cozy and such. I installed W7 Ult x64 on SATA 0 then..... I installed XP Pro x32 on SATA 1 now I'm stuck in XP, I attempted to use the Neosmart WIKI for installing xp after vista figuring it would...
  3. jethrow815

    How does this look

    Dual boot to triple boot attached is my hard drive configuration. the drives order also represents the plug sequence in the mobo 0-3 of 0-5 would like to install 7x64 on G: drive do you for-see any issues? I'm guessing that there will be no need for EasyBCD but Ive been wrong before thanks~
  4. jethrow815

    my first Vista oddity !?

    Vista Ult x64 click-start right click- computer left click- Manage then...... windows cannot open this file: X-use the web service to find the correct program X- select a program from a list of installed programs turns out "services" has the same issue as well as a few other windows...
  5. jethrow815

    It pays to complain !!

    Ive been in this house for a little over 2 years, the last time my ISP came to install cable internet the tech said something about the incoming signal being real hot. At that time I only had the lite package 768Kbps or so, with a speed test I could occasionally hit 1mbps. this Monday I call...
  6. jethrow815

    Easy question of the day!

    In reference to the highlighted area below, Is that only if the installer is using a original xp installation disc? Ive never done that step, and always installed XP on SATA drives with no problems, but I use a XP-SP2 OEM disc. ~thank you for your input