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    Bluetooth won't function on 8.10

    Ok, after installing 8.10 on my dads laptop along with Vista which he's pleased with so far however the laptops intergrated bluetooth won't function. It can't be seen by phones and won't work with his bluetooth mouse which is what we want to get working cos the touch pads a pain to use. The...
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    Wanting to install..LINUX

    Ok, so my machine is succesfully dual booting Vista and XP, however I wouldn't mind moving on to installing Ubuntu 8.10 however I have in the pass have had terrible issues with the Grub bootloader and it over riding Window's. Can anyone offer any advice on how to avoid this and having how my...
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    I have seen this word used a lot here, is it a replacement for the word EDIT like you see on other fourms? :booyah:
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    XP won't Boot but Vista will...

    So I've installed XP on a 30GB partition, problem is I can't access it. I've got easyBCD but when I add an entry I can't change the drive letter and the option is greyed out. My drive layout is: Disk 0: C: Vista D: Programs E: Documents F: XP Disk 1: I: Backup and storage As I said I...