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    Wubi uninstall using Easybcd 2.0. Need help

    Here is how it looks now. Could I use Easybcd and edit out Entry #2 and manually delete all the files belonging to wubi and at next boot only have the Vista and Neogrub entries there and all is still working. Or is it better to do the wubi uninstall from the Vista Add/Remove programs...
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    Triple to Dual: How do I reconnect after wubi uninstall.

    I have triple boot now. 1. WinVista 2. Ubuntu via Wubi install that made the grub easy for me to find using EBCD. 3 Neogrub via EBCD with lot of Puppy Linux and Ubuntu in frugal install. Need to uninstall wubi version of ubuntu and only use the frugal version. How do I tell Neogrub to...
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    Grub4Dos and EasyBCD's Neogrub what is different?

    I am not good at reading text. I have a kind of deficit. Texts just get "blurred" and I get confused when there are many new terms and much details to remember. Can take me years to do even simple things. I started to learn about menu.lst in late 2007 and even now I lack knowledge to really...
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    Can I use EBCD to do Frugal boot of two Ubuntu?

    Hi, thanks for a very good program. I will dl 2.0 later. I use 1.7.2 now. I have Vista and only one partition. So I used Ubuntu wubi to get a menu.lst to make change in and then Neogrub to add a triple boot with 5 Puppy Linux in frugal install. But I also wanted to test Linux Mint and...