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    Application Failed to Initialize

    Tried installing and Running Easy BCD 2.0 beta build 59 on XP Pro, and the install works fine, when I try to run it i get an error popup (The application failed to initialize properly, 0xc0000135 Click Ok to terminate the application). Any idea why what could be causing that?
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    System restore giving corrupt prompt

    Got a vista premium computer thats acting up, my father tried shutting off his antivirus through msconfig because of a password issue, rebooted and now hes getting a black screen after the windows splash screen. So I thought maybe the registry corrupted. We rebooted with the built in Vista...
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    Sata drivers gone after a power outage

    Oh, your gonna love this one, My aunt brings over her laptop a Dell XPS 1330 i believe. And It has Vista Premium home I think. The error was the little bar keeps going back and forth at the windows splash screen just after reboot. Then it would do 1 of 2 things. BSOD and Just a black...
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    XP Recovery 32/64 bit ?

    Sorry Im in a little bit of a rush, but i was just curious if there is a recovery disk for Windows XP 32/64 bit versions ? And if not, can one be made, the vista recovery disk I've tried and it works like a charm, very impressed.