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    EasyBCD doesnt work after fixing MBR

    I had a rather nasty Windows / Linux Mint situation where i accidentally install a Linux Mint grub bootloader to my Windows system partition. This caused me not to be able to boot from windows but I could load Linux Mint just fine from Grub. None of the regular repair solutions would work to...
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    Tripple boot Win 7 PC-BSD and Zorin - Zorin not working

    This may not be a EasyBCD problem, but if not you guys can help me determine that. I boot to win 7 or PC-BSD just fine.. added Zorin 5 which is Linux and based on Ubuntu.. I believe they use Grub2. If I set EasyBSD to load from Grub is doesnt do anything, if I tell it to load Grub 2 it starts...
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    Two different entries boot the same OS

    I have PC-BSD Hubble on primary disk 3 and PC-BSD Isotpoe on primary disk4. The same OS, Hubble boots for either entry I choose. I did have Mepis in place of Hubble on disk 3 at first which is Linux not PC-BSD and everything worked fine. I wasn't using the Mepis and decided to overwrite that...
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    Help me triple boot Win 7, Mepis (Linux) and Isotope (PC-BSD)

    I have read your docs and still confused. I have win 7 installed. I need to shrink my Win 7 partition down and make two new partitions each for the Mepis (Linux) and Isotope (PC-BSD). This, I know how to do. I have only ever dual booted with Windows and linux and let Grub handle the booting. I...