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  1. windowsmac

    Error 0xc0000135

    Hey guys, I haven't posted here in quite a while. Maybe about 1 year! So I have an issue: I have Windows Vista on first HD, first partition. I installed Windows XP on the first HD, second partition. Data on second HD, first partition. Mac OS X Leopard on second HD, second partition...
  2. windowsmac

    Almost there! But I need some help... Please?

    Hi, windowsmac here again with a request... I have almost booted up Mac OS X on the Vista bootloader but it still does not work. I have made some corrections with the bootloader and I will paste the NeoGrub .lst entry below. __________________________________________________ # NeoSmart...
  3. windowsmac

    Mac OS X fails to boot up!

    When I go into the Vista bootloader and choose Mac OS X, it gives a message saying "Error: Missing BOOTMGR Press ctrl+alt+del to restart." Does anyone know how to fix it? I am using 10.4.6 (I think it is a patched) and Vista Ultimate (Not SP1 beta). I appreciate all help that is given here.
  4. windowsmac

    Question about EasyBCD and Microsoft Windows Vista/Apple Mac OS X 10.4.6

    Hi there! This is my first post, anyways... Does anyone know if OS X will work with EasyBCD 1.7, I have a partition on my second HD which is 30Gb with OS X on it (I have two 100GB HDs [SATA]). It is a HP Pavilion dv9000 and is of most amazing gaming performance. I do have Vista Ultimate on...