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    Vista System Protection not finding any drives

    I'm trying to turn off system restore. When I pull up the system protection tab under system properties, the available disks shows "searching" and never comes up with any drives. What can I do to fix this? Thanks!
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    Re-install XP on old drive when Vista is main OS

    I installed my old drive w/XP in my new computer w/Vista. I backed up all the data on the XP drive and want to reinstall XP on the old drive so it will work with the new computer/hardware. I put the XP disk in while running Vista, but it won't let me install from there. Do I have to install...
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    Adding old drive w/ XP to New PC w/Vista

    I have added my old drive with XP installed and all the old programs to my new PC with Vista installed. I have dl and installed EasyBCD. I've got it asking if I want to boot with the Microsoft Vista or Microsoft XP. It will boot with Vista fine, but I'm sure I haven't got the parameters set...