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    How do I change a system drive letter?

    When I try to boot up to Vista the semi-working copy of Vista is using E but it is not at all a usable version of the OS. I tried running diskpart or diskmgmt from Vista but it tells me that the files don't exist even though they do - same thing when I try to run EasyBCD.
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    How do I change a system drive letter?

    I am now able to kind-of boot into Vista. After the login screen it stops at a light blue screen. If I press Ctrl-Alt-Delete I am able to get to Task Manager where I can then run explorer, etc. But I can't run many apps, as it turns out under this scenario it thinks that Vista is on the E drive...
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    How do I change a system drive letter?

    I have a PC that had XP Home installed on the C drive. I installed Vista HP on a second disk drive which is the H drive. Everything was running ok for a few weeks although the backup service for Win Home Server would not run - I was suspecting that this was due to some sort of problem on the C...
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    Need help using EasyBCD

    I am new to EasyBCD and I need help configuring the boot settings for my PC. My PC originally had WinXP Home installed on the C drive. Recently I installed Vista on a second hard drive - the H drive. The system boots fine into the Vista boot manager (or whatever it is called) and I have the...