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    Installing Windows Vista

    I have a couple of questions. I have a Hp Pavilion dv9740us First im wondering, i can't get a copy of the recovery disks from HP so if i install Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit [thats the version i already have on here] will that be like setting it back to factory settings? Like will...
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    Hooking up my labtop to the tv

    I have a hp pavilion dv9740us im trying to see if i can hook it up to my tv. [my tv is a older model, its an Emerson bubble back] or if someone can lead me to a site where it has instructions.
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    Recovery manager deleted

    For some reason Recovery manager got deleted off my computer before i could make the recovery disks. is there a way to restore recovery manager back to my computer? I tried getting the recovery disks from HP but they dont have anymore, and i downloaded the 32-bit recovery manager but that wont...
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    Can someone help me?

    I decided to do this all over again. so i downloaded the Windows Vista 32-bit recovery disk torrent. So its finished downloading. and i'm not to sure on what to do after it finishes downloading in uTorrent. it says to save it using imgburn. the first time i did it, it burned to a CD but nothing...
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    I'm still not sure on what to do. will this download ["]Windows Vista Recovery Disc Download at The NeoSmart Files bring my computer back to factory settings? I brought my computer to Geek Squad and they said i need to use the recovery manager but somehow it's been deleted off of my computer...
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    Help with recovery manager

    i have a HP Pavilion dv9000 using windows vista premium. I'm new to the utorrent downloading. Well my computer got messed up, it started running slowly and the sound doesnt work. I brought it to Geek Squad and they said i should use Recovery manager and bring it back to factory settings. Well...